Hebrew Lyrics and Music: Ehud Peleg
English Lyrics: Zvi Ofer
Performed by: Dan Zipori, Tal Yehoshua

?Shoppers, have you ever felt a store has been unfair
.Rest assured that your Consumer Council will be there
,The Consumer Council fights
!Making sure that merchants all – respect your rights

,If you’ve ever fallen victim to a vicious scam
If a merchant cheated you and got you in a jam
.Don’t lose hope! You know you’re right
…Now let us take up the fight

,So don't give up consumer rights
.State your case or ask advice
.Don’t despair and don’t delay
.Don’t let the bad guys get away
!Call the Council, yes indeed
.You’ll find everything you need
The Council knows the way
.To help and guarantee fair play
Let the Council be your knight
Your protection is our fight
!Consumer rights

If in shopping you've been hoping
For some honesty
But instead you just regret
Your gullibility
.Don’t let cheaters spoil your day
!Just stand up for your rights. Yes, that’s the way

When stores overcharge you and you know that it’s unfair
.Or they quote low prices – but the item isn’t there
We’ll be coming to your aid
.When your trust has been betrayed

[…Chorus: So don't give up ]

!The Consumer Council’s there
.To help consumers everywhere
Work with us and we’ll succeed
.In fighting scams and fraud and greed
!The Consumer Council’s there
To help people everywhere
Trust the Council to protect you
.And make sure all deals are fair
Let the Council be your knight
Your protection is our fight
!Consumer rights